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  1. Whereas other societies look to the past for guidance, we cast our nets forward.

  2. It is the belief in a brighter future that gives us optimism.

  3. The job of the parents is to give the children every opportunity while they are growing up and then get out of their way.

  4. When half the population es to college, one cannot expect the colleges to maintain the same standards as in countries where only the elite attend.

  5. Just as not every Japanese is hardworking and deferential to superiors, not every Chinese is devoted to family, not every American is ambitious or patriotic—or even unsophisticated.

  6. No one could seriously think that anyone who grows up poor, lives in a bad neighborhood, and attends an inferior school has an opportunity equal to that of someone more favored.

  7. Current wisdom says that if you want a successful product, you need first to perform detailed market analysis, making sure that there are plenty of people who need the new product and that you entry into the market will be able to gain a significant share of that market.

  8. The evidence suggests that, on balance, people today tend to concern them selves with only practical matters that are related to their life.

  9. At first glance, it would seem that increased bureaucracy creates obstacles between the citizens and those who vern, thereby separating the two groups. Closer examination reveals, however, that in many ways vernment bureaucracy actually bridges the gap, and that new technologies now allow for ways around the

  10.There is no doubt that hard work contributes to success, yet a person can work awfully hard and still achieve very little.


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